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Soft Phone

Download X-Lite

You can download the X-Lite Soft Phone for free from the Counterpath web site The X-Lite client is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Once the download is complete, run the installer. Windows users may need to restart.


Open the softphone application. Right click anywhere on the screen and select "SIP Account Settings". If this is the first time you have run X-Lite, this dialog may already be open.

Create a new SIP account. Enter your name in the Display name box. Enter your extension number as the user name.
Your password will be supplied by the system administratior.
The Authorization name should be the same as your user name.
Enter as the domain.

Click on the Voice Mail tab.
Enter voicemail in the "Number to dial for checking voicemail" box. Leave the rest blank.

Click the Presence tab.
Change the mode to "Presence Agent".

Click the Advanced tab. Uncheck "Send SIP keep-alives". Click OK and close the SIP accounts window.

Your softphone should register with the server, and your softphone will now be ready for use. Depending on your audio hardware, you may need to adjust the audio options to suit your installation.

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