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User Settings Tool

The user settings tool allows you to adjust many options, such as how long your phone rings before going to voicemail, as well as several forwarding rules.

To use the user settings tool, dial 7001 from any phone on the system, or from outside the system by calling into a main menu.


The timeout is the length of time your telephone will ring before going to voicemail (or the unavailable number, if you have set one). This number is in seconds. 1 ring = 6 seconds

Cell number

If you set a number in the Cell Number option, callers may press # after they leave a voicemail message to attempt a call to your cellphone. Don't forget to change your outgoing message to make callers aware of this feature if you intend to use it.

Foraward on Busy

Calls will be directed to this number if your phone cannot take any further calls, or if you reject a call by pressing the release button.

Forward No Answer

Calls are directed to the forward no answer number if you do not answer your phone when the timeout has elapsed. The system will try to reach you at this number for 30 seconds, before sending the call to voicemail.

Forward Unavailable

Calls will be directed to the forward unavailable number if your telephone is out of service, such as when it is unplugged, or if your internet connection fails.

Forward All

All calls will be forwarded to this number. If calls cannot be completed to this number, they will be directed to your voice mail box. This setting overrides all other forwarding settings.

In any case, if the system cannot complete a call to it's destination, it will attempt to deliver the call to your voice mail box.

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