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**Downtown Port Perry and Scugog Island only**

Below is the new order form, select which options you would like to request for a specific installation. This form allows us to work towards servicing areas with higher demand and prioritize efficiently it is meant for information purposes only and you will not be required to pay anything at this point. Someone from our office will contact you when installations are being done in your area to confirm your request and finalize costs.

If you would like to know what area we are currently working in for an idea of our progress please check our twitter feed on the main page or here @CommunicateFrly for updates or view this - Map - of our current and projected coverage area.

Currently if you sign up while we are working on your street and have a fibre optic drop cable installed we wil be asking for $113.00 which includes hst. This will cover the costs of installing the fibre cables to your home and if you choose to connect services will also include everything you need, equipment and set up for basic internet service. premium options and different equipment can be optionally used at an additional charge. However the $113.00 amount will include your basic install as well as the cable burial and connection.


All Internet services are symmetric, which means it is the same speed up and down.

SelectionNameSpeedUsage QuotaDescriptionMonthly Price
Drop OnlyInstall connection to home without ordering service right away.
$100 install charge brings the connection to your home, and allows you to order services at a later date.
Novice10Mb/s50 GBsMost basic limited use package$35.00

Lite UNL
200 GBs
Light use casual browsing & viewing
Same speeds unlimited data

Family UNL
400 GBs
Ideal family plan for shows and games
Enjoy your media without limits
Performance250Mb/s1000 GbsFor heavy downloaders, get shows and files in seconds/minutes and plenty of usage.$200.00


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Are you interested in Digital HD TV service?
Our system adds individual or theme packaged channels to a skinny basic package.

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